Steelcase Walkstations

It doesn't take a scientist to tell you that sitting on your can all day isn't the healthiest of lifestyles, but if your work requires hour after hour of computer time, what else are you to do? Get yourself one of these Steelcase Walkstations ($4,400 and up). Designed specifically for working while you walk, the Walkstation integrates a treadmill — designed specifically to operate quietly at slow speeds — with an ergonomic, adjustable-height desk, keeping you on your feet and away from the doctor's office.

  • UI Stencils

    Put your million-dollar app idea on paper with these UI Stencil Kits ($27). With versions for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, and the web, the kits consist of a stainless steel interface stencil and a pretty great Zebra mechanical pencil. For perfect wireframing, you'll need to pick up a matching device sketch pad ($14).

  • HP Limited Edition Calculator

    You don't have to be that old to remember when calculators were cool — and now you can celebrate that bygone era with an HP Limited Edition Calculator ($80). While its landscape layout is slightly less revolutionary than it was 30 years ago when it launched, the 12c — its official name — is still a handsomely retro tool featuring a 10 character display, a RPN entry-system logic, over 120 built-in functions, 20 memory registers, a unique production number laser-etched on the back, a special, limited-edition gift box, and, for the financial gurus in the crowd, is good for use in CFP and CFA certification exams. [via]

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