SteriPen Adventurer

SteriPen Adventurer

If you enjoy traveling abroad, you really need to consider picking up a SteriPen Adverturer ($110). This tiny UV water purifier destroys viruses, bacteria, and cysts, and can purify 32 oz. of water in just 90 seconds. You simply hit the button, put the tip in the water, and stir until the blue light goes off, letting you know it's done. Sure, you can always drink beer, but if you're like us, that'll probably get old by the sixth or seventh day. Don't forget the SteriPen Solar Charger/Case ($43).

  • Jack & Meg Icky Thump USB Drives

    If you were planning on buying the White Stripes' new release Icky Thump anyway, you might think about buying the album on a Jack and Meg USB Drive ($58 each, $99 both). These 512MB flash drives, produced in a limited run of 3,333, were created for the White Stripes, and contain the entire album in Apple Lossless Format. A cool collectible that doubles as storage and comes with an album — not too bad.

  • SureFire Titan Flashlight

    SureFire, maker of military grade illumination tools used by everybody from the FBI to the your local Barney Fife, has introduced a sexy limited edition titanium LED Flashlight called the Titan ($500). The pinky-sized device is the world's first continuous variable-output LED flashlight, allowing you to select virtually any light output between zero and 30 lumens — over 1,000 possibilities. And yes, while the flashlight is awesome, this product shot sure didn't hurt matters.

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