Steve McQueen's Racing Helmet

Worn for both racing and filming, Steve McQueen's Racing Helmet is both an iconic piece of memorabilia and perhaps the most personal McQueen collectible available. Painted for McQueen by Von Dutch, the Bell helmet was on McQueen's head as he raced in the Gulf Porsche at Sebring and Holtville in 1970. He then wore it during the filming of Le Mans, preserving the image of McQueen donning it forever in celluloid. The helmet remains in good condition for its age, with its signature stripes, graphics, and "MCQUEEN" lettering still in tact.

  • Batpod

    It's not quite as recognizable as the Tumbler from which it emerged, but the Batpod is certainly close. Created by The Dark Knight production designer Nathan Crowley and crafted by special-effects supervisor Chris Corbould, this unique motorcycle was one of only six built for use during filming. It has a custom-made chassis, Hoosier racing tires, and a Honda 750 engine, and is outfitted with faux barrels on the front, fiberglass body panels to cover most of the working components, and black foam padding for comfort. It arrives with a metal display stand and Warner Bros. certificate of authenticity, and lest you get any vigilante ideas of your own, it's in "rolling-only" condition, with all its fluids, battery, fuel tank, and throttle controls removed.

  • James Bond's Pre-Daytona Chronograph Watch

    George Lazenby's infamous turn as the world's most famous secret agent nearly tanked the franchise. Yet his timepiece might be the most valuable to have ever graced 007's wrist. James Bond's Pre-Daytona Chronograph Watch was worn by Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but that's not its only claim to fame. Eon Productions special ordered it for the film, requesting a red second hand as opposed to the standard stainless steel, as it plays a key role in one of the movie's scenes. As a result, it's the only reference 6238 in the world with this detail, and is made all the more desirable by the fact that it's in excellent condition.

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