Stiff Pipe

If you're going to smoke, you might as well make it count. That's the idea behind the Stiff Pipe ($800). The world's first plastic pipe cast in a single piece, the Stiff is designed to be displayed instead of hidden away, with classy colorways and a subtle sheen. The design also allows for a better draught through the pipe, making your tobacco taste that much better. [via]

  • Visol Donovan Cigar Ashtray

    Summer is almost here, which means lots of outdoor activities: golf, grilling, and getting a nice whiskey buzz while smoking a fine cigar. The Visol Donovan Cigar Ashtray ($27) has you covered on the latter count, with black ceramic construction, four edge-aligned grooves to serve as cigar rests, and a deep basin to ensure your ashes don't end up all over the place should a relaxing breeze blow your way.

  • WISPR Vaporizer

    With a name that sounds like a bad-guy organization from a spy novel and a design that integrates modern sensibilities and mid-century kitsch, the WISPR Vaporizer ($270) is a stylish, portable, and discrete way to enjoy the bounties of harvest season. Just fill it with butane, prepare your herbs, pack the chamber, attach the straw, turn it on, let it heat up, and when the light goes off, it's time to enjoy. Just remember to turn it off afterwards — which might be the most difficult part. [Scouted by Reed]

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