Keep track of the entire stock market using nothing but a glance with StockTouch ($5). This groundbreaking app for the iPhone and iPad uses advanced data visualization techniques to give you an idea of which stocks are moving up and which are falling, with plenty of options to adjust the time, market sector, and the ability to zoom in and out anywhere to get more information or a broader view. Of course, you can also create your own personal heat maps of stocks and ETFs, and the data automatically reloads once every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, so you're always up to date. A beautiful design doesn't hurt it, either.

  • Burner

    Your phone number is one of your most precious pieces of private information. So act like it. Burner ($2) lets you create new phone numbers on-demand, allowing you to make and receive voice calls and text messages just like a real phone number — the only difference being that you can "burn" the number anytime you like. Perfect for shady Craigslist transactions, social media listings, and the crazy person you picked up at the bar last week.

  • Setlist

    It's hard keeping track of what acts are playing in your area at any given time. Setlist (Free) makes it easy, by linking to your Rdio account and automatically showing shows by artists in your collection that are playing near you. Find a show you're interested in? Tap on it, and the Songkick integration takes over, showing you ticket prices, venue info, and more. Bottom line? It's free, so if you're a Rdio user, there's little reason not to give it a try.

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