Stone Brewing Go To IPA

With the weather threatening to break soon and the cold temperatures waving goodbye, it's time to continue drinking great beer, but with more choices for your surroundings. To put it simply, it's time to drink outside. Stone Brewing, already known for fresh, fantastic IPAs, has a new offering this spring, Go To IPA. It's not only perfect for an outdoor drinking session, but is also ideal when you want to drink more than one. It packs all of the dry, bitter, hop flavors and aromas into a very manageable 4.5% ABV package — ensuring you won't have any trouble making it back to the fridge for another round.

  • Beachwood Brewing Melrose IPA

    There is something special about a fresh IPA from the West Coast, and there is something even more special about one from Beachwood Brewing. Melrose IPA is a fantastic representation of a true West Coast IPA, brimming with fresh, sticky, hop resins. The aromatic value alone fills your senses and the taste delivers as well, with loads of tropical fruit and more sticky hops. And it finishes as clean and refreshing as a dip in the surf of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Alaskan Brewing Hopothermia Beer

    In a world where double IPAs are now suddenly the norm, there are plenty that are being churned out that just don't measure up. But Hopothermia from Alaskan Brewing Company is not one that has trouble making the grade, and it's probably one of the best double IPA's you've never heard of. This year-round offering features some of the most floral hops around, giving off aromas like grapefruit and mango. It measures up taste-wise too, sweet and piney with a tough malty backbone that won't leave your palate suffering. You may not be in Alaska, but a couple of these should help get you through any winter night.

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