Stone Mocha IPA

We already trust the folks at Stone when it comes to all things hoppy. And now, with Stone Mocha IPA, they've mingled their hop-perfection with rich mocha flavors. And while adding coffee and chocolate to your IPA might not sound like something you'd reach for, Stone has managed to blend and balance those flavors together to form a delicious beer. We aren't sure how they did it, but one thing is obvious, Stone has another great beer on their hands that is blurring the lines of beer style classifications.

  • Creature Comforts Tropicalia IPA

    One of the best IPAs you can get your hands on this summer doesn't come from California or the current hotbed of hops on the East Coast. Tropicalia from Creature Comforts comes from Athens, Georgia, and it has an aroma and flavor that is worth your time and attention. The smell is the first thing that jumps out, full of tropical fruit and sunshine. And the taste cinches the deal, with plenty of balanced flavors that make sure you know it's an IPA — but without the bite that would stop you from reaching for another can.

  • Sixpoint Puff Beer

    If you love IPAs then you probably love Sixpoint Resin. And if you love Resin, then the latest hop-forward release from the Brooklyn based brewery should be right up your alley. Sixpoint Puff is an unfiltered version of Resin with an extra dose of dry hops that help turn it into it's very own puffy, hop cloud. It's the closest thing to drinking an IPA straight from the tanks and is hitting store shelves this month.

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