Somewhere between traditional blogging and boring your friends with printouts from Word or Pages lies a happy medium that allows you to share your photos and videos while adding more context than you're going to find on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Storehouse seeks to fill that gap. This slick app lets you combine photos and videos from your Camera Roll, Dropbox, Flickr, and Instagram with text that you write up yourself. Editing the layout and cropping images is a simple as tapping and dragging, and once you're done, your stories are uploaded for sharing — both to fellow Storehouse users and to anyone with a web browser. Best of all? It's totally free.

  • Plowz

    Snow days used to be fun. But there's nothing fun about waking up on a cold morning, bundling up in your warmest clothes, pulling on a pair of boots, and shoveling all the freshly-fallen flakes from your driveway just so you can get to work. With Plowz ($25 and up) you can easily schedule a snowplow to come do all the hard work for you, so you never have to worry about shoveling again. They work with local plow providers, so you don't have to, letting you pay, tip, and schedule directly from the app. You pay based on the length of your driveway, and schedule the work on your time, taking all the pain out of winter weather.

  • Readmill

    Just because you've already gotten your hands on one of the many great e-readers available doesn't mean you should discount the portable reader you have in your pocket at any given time — your smartphone. Readmill ($Free) gives you the kind of reading experience you've always wanted, with the convenience of a device you're already carrying. The app is designed beautifully, paying careful attention to typography, contrast, and usability, and includes a host of adjustable attributes like font size and brightness. The ability to highlight and share your favorite passages makes reading a bit more social, while a wealth of free reading material means you'll never be left without a good book to dive into.

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