When paintball just isn't enough anymore but you don't really want to get into the habit of shooting real guns at your buddies — while being shot at, no less — then perhaps it's time to invest in a StressVest ($2,500 and up). Developed for training use by police and military personnel, this high-end version of laser tag delivers either a vibration or an adjustable shock that gets worse with each hit and tops out at 4,500 volts via a specialized vest and a crazy laser insert that goes into a REAL GUN and emits a laser burst every time you pull the trigger. Sure, you've got to register for a federal ID number to own the thing, but that's totally worth it for some realistic weekend warfare, right? [Scouted by Chris]

  • Jawbone Up

    Step one: Make the first fashionable Bluetooth headset. Step two: Make portable Bluetooth speakers more than just geeky add-ons. Step three: Use that experience to make the first lifestyle gadget people will actually want to wear. The Jawbone Up ($TBA) is a small, sensor-loaded wristband that you're expected to wear more or less all the time, so it can track your movements, sleep habits, and, via a companion app, nutrition, helping you fend off heart disease, diabetes, and other lifestyle-related issues just by having it on.

  • ZionEyez Video Recording Glasses

    Attention all lifestreamers: Ever get tired of holding up a camera all day, or worse yet, wearing some sort of incredibly dorky, Wi-Fi enabled video helmet? ZionEyez Video Recording Glasses ($150) can fix all of that. These semi-stylish shades feature an integrated 720p video camera, Bluetooth to instantly transfer the stream to your iPhone or Android device for uploading, and 8GB of flash memory in case you need to off-load your recordings later, secret agent-style. As a bonus, they come with clear and shaded removable lenses, so you don't have to worry about looking suspicious with your sunglasses on after sundown.

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