Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine

Most modern espresso machines are rather complex affairs, with built-in frothers, pumps, and sometimes even grinders, letting you brew a cup with the press of a button. The Strietman ES3 Espresso Machine is not most espresso machines. Handmade in the Netherlands, this carefully built machine uses the time-tested lever technique to press hot water through the coffee with a piston, providing you with a perfect cup every time. Features include an open boiler that holds up to 350cc of water, three included filter basket and a double spout for brewing two cups at a time, and a handsome wooden wall-mount frame.

  • Bkon Craft Brewer

    While most tea drinkers are content just boiling some water in the kettle and waiting a few minutes for the leaves to steep — some want a little something more from their brewing process. With the Bkon Craft Brewer you get incredible speed (thanks to its vacuum brewing process) and infinitely-repeatable consistency, albeit at a staggering price. With the ability to program and store over 200 recipes, and a brewing speed of up to 60 cups in a single hour, it's the ideal tool for hosting a tea party, placing in an office kitchen, or just brewing your morning cup in a minute flat.

  • Manual Coffeemaker

    Electric coffeemakers make it far too easy to brew a cup of coffee — they remove you from the process, taking it out of your hands and resulting in coffee that tastes mass-produced — which is why pour-over brewing has become so popular among people who really care about their coffee. The Manual Coffeemaker puts the control back in your hands, letting you brew individual cups that perfectly suit your taste. The machine is handcrafted from double-wall sculpted glass, letting you view the process while holding in all the necessary heat. Just place a filter into the funnel at the top, pour water over the grounds, and let it fill the included carafe — it brews one cup at a time, making it perfect for small offices or individual use.

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