Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

Fishing is unique among most outdoor endeavors in that you don't actually see the moment when the magic happens and the fish takes your bait. Unless you've got a huge budget and an underwater camera man. Or the Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera. The Strike Cam is designed to attach directly to your line, going down up to 30 feet in order to record every bite in smooth 480p video. No, it's not the highest resolution, but unlike the camera crew, it won't set you back thousands of dollars, either.

  • Mega Hammock

    Hammocks are great — no one's arguing against that — but when you try to pile a bunch of people into one, you start to run into some limitations: weight restrictions, friends flopping on top of each other. But the Mega Hammock is made for sharing with friends, capable of comfortably holding as many as three people. It's made by an FAA-certified parachute rigger, and constructed from coated ripstop nylon, nylon thread, and durable webbing, so you know it's made to hold plenty of weight. Each handmade hammock comes made-to-order, and can be customized in a range of sizes and colors. Summer lounging may never be the same.

  • Tusa Evo Sea Scooter

    Those looking to explore the far reaches of the sea need something more than just flippers to get them around — they need something like the Tusa Evo Sea Scooter. This powerful underwater chariot boasts a maximum speed of 2.6 mph and a maximum depth of 230 feet, while offering precise changes in speed thanks to rotational speed adjustment. Other features include a 3-speed propeller with pitch and angle adjustment, an LED battery life indicator, and saddle wings that let you pull up to three divers with a single scooter.

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