Whether you're planning a trip to the outback or simply want to class up your pyro habit, the Strike ($TBA) has you covered. Designed to replace a traditional matchbook, the Strike holds a number of matches inside, and sports a top dial that twists open to let them out one at a time. Inside, a strike material-coated barrel lets you light the match as you remove it, and should you simply need a striking surface, you'll find one on the textured bottom.

  • Best Made Stow-Away Capsule

    Whether you're stowing matches, microfilm, or small rolls of emergency cash, the Best Made Stow-Away Capsule ($32) will keep your goods safe. Made from brass, this hand made canister is four inches long, three-quarters of an inch wide, and features a self-tensioning lanyard, a press-fit stopper that's water-tight to 200 psi, and a liquid-dampened compass that will ensure you'll be able to find your way, even if everything else has been flooded/burned/bombed to hell.

  • Tentsile

    Whether you have a favorite campsite that doesn't offer much flat ground or are simply worried about what floor-dwelling creatures might crawl into your makeshift abode, the Tentsile ($TBA) is here to help. Made by hand using multiple layers of fabric and supports, this unique habitation unit is designed to be suspended in the trees, holding between 2 and 8 people — depending on the model — and offering neat features like a covered porch in the two-man, built-in windows in the midsize, and a double bed-sized central space in the largest model. As for how you'll get it up there, well, that's up to you.

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