Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine

It might look like a naval weapon, but the Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine ($20) is actually an intelligently clever task light. Roughly baseball-sized, it features 11 neodymium magnets on the "spikes", letting it attach quickly and securely to a large variety of surfaces. A total of 12 Lumen Tech LEDs provide plenty of light, and four different modes let it serve as a low-power spotlight, high-power floodlight, a red light for better nighttime visibility, and as a high visibility signal beacon — making it great for keeping in your car for hazard light duties, or for using as a makeshift Bat Signal.

  • Pianocade

    Combine the joy of making music with the nostalgia of a classic arcade machine with Pianocade ($250-$325). This powerful synthesizer is designed to sound, look, and feel like a vintage arcade game, offering a 128-note range, 5-pin and USB MIDI connectors, and either one or two octaves worth of buttons. Feel like customizing your own? You can buy the electronics by themselves for $100.

  • Technology Will Save Us DIY Kits

    Whether you're just getting interested in electronics or want to pass on your knowledge to others, these Technology Will Save Us DIY Kits (£10-£85; roughly $16-$135) are a great place to start. Each kit comes complete with everything — or at least nearly everything — you need to build a simple electronics project, from a sensor that tells you when your plant needs water to a basic synthesizer. If you're looking to dive in head first, though, you might want to start with the soldering and Arduino kits, which will give you a solid base to build on. [Scouted by Luke]

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