Suede Lead Pencil Set

Suede Lead Pencil Set

It you're the type who enjoys sketching, you should really check out this Suede Lead Pencil Set ($30). The suede holder contains eight pencils of differing grades and a spiral bound pad of high-quality sketch paper. The front of the carrier also features a window so you can show off your favorite drawing.

  • Estes Oracle Video Rocket

    If you’re making an indie film and need one of those “first-person bullet” shots on the cheap, look no farther. The Estes Oracle Video Rocket ($120) is powered by model “D” Estes rockets, takes 320x240 video, and hooks up to your computer via USB. Okay, so we’re pretty sure that it’s not meant to be aimed at anything but the sky — it comes with an 18” parachute — but nonetheless, if you try it, we’re pretty sure it looks amazing.

  • Sputnik Robot

    Watchdogs are so 20th century. With the advent of wireless internet access and easy programming tools, you can get a machine to do pretty much anything you want from a remote location — it’s this idea that spawned the Sputnik Robot from Dr. Robot ($4050). Sputnik comes complete and assembled with modules such as built-in WiFi, two motion sensors, two-way audio monitors, video monitors — well, you get the picture. The wireless internet connection and customizable software not only allow you to send commands to the Sputnik on the fly, but also write customizable AI routines to keep your home safe when you’re away. All this, plus you get a little buddy who strangely reminds us of Johnny 5 from Short Circuit.

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