Got a gadget that needs fixed, a handle that's rubbing you the wrong way, or just an urge to play with the adult equivalent of Play-doh? Get yourself some Sugru ($10-$20). This modeling clay/super glue/alien symbiote forms a lasting bond between a variety of materials, and cures to a tough silicone overnight, making it weatherproof, flexible, and generally indestructible. If only we could say the same about our gadgets.

  • Neato XV-11 Robot Vacuum

    Meet the Roomba killer. The Neato XV-11 ($400) is the only robotic cleaner with a brain. Whereas the various Roomba models bounce, bump and bumble their way around your house aimlessly, the Neato bot uses onboard laser mapping (called the Room Positioning System) that lets it know the best cleaning path to take, quickly finishing one room and moving on to the next in a smart and efficient way. The sucking power is good, it lets you schedule automatic cleanings, and it automatically returns to its charging base like any good robot should.

  • Corvus Batteries

    Thinking of taking your home off the grid? You'd do well to stock up on some Corvus Batteries ($1,300/kWh). These lithium-ion batteries are tough enough to power super yachts and even entire communities thanks to the use of lithium nickel manganese cobalt electrodes -- beefier than standard lithium iron phosphate models -- yet affordable enough to be hooked to an on-site wind or solar power system to ensure that your compound has power without needing to pay those nasty energy bills.

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