Sunflower Drone Security System

Outdoor security cams can certainly help give you piece of mind, but they're traditionally stuck facing the same way, while something nefarious could be happening right around the corner. The Sunflower Drone Security System aims to fix this. It starts with a set of sensor-laden garden lights. They're powered by a solar panel on top, have 360-degree motion sensors and separate vibration sensors to alert you to footsteps, and can scare away potential intruders with both their light and audible warnings. And thanks to the drone-based camera, you can get footage of the scene from nearly any angle, allowing you to cover your whole yard in surveillance, instead of just a corner.

  • Ding Smart Doorbell

    Bridging the gap between traditional doorbells and overly complex, camera-laden setups, the Ding Smart Doorbell is designed to give you just enough intelligence. This three-piece system consists of a subdued, weather-resistant button that's thin enough to fit on your doorframe and can operate off batteries or a hardwire, a chime that's covered in handsome fabric and can sit on a table or mount on your wall, and a companion app. When someone rings your bell, the chime goes off and a call goes out to the app so you can talk to whoever's at the door no matter where you are. You can easily change the sound and volume of the chime, and even set up quiet hours so your phone goes off but not the chime — ideal for families with sleeping children in the home.

  • Airlok Bicycle Rack

    Made not only to store your bike but also protect it from thieves, the Airlok Bicycle Rack is an indoor/outdoor storage solution. Developed by the Hiplok team, it has a triangular shape that hides its secure connection to your wall and can hold even the heaviest of rides. The hardened steel locking pin, frame, and closed loop design virtually guarantee your bike will be right where you left it, even if it's near the street, and the horizontal design means you don't have to lift your bike any higher than the level at which it's stored.

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