Super 73 Electric Bike

Taking design cues from vintage motorcycles, mopeds, and mini bikes, the Super 73 Electric Bike gives the modern e-bike a rugged 70s form. A pair of fat 4.25" tires and a stout bench seat add to the nostalgic mini bike aesthetic, while also providing a comfortable ride on any terrain. The powerful 1,000 watt motor can reach speeds up to 27 mph — more if you use the pedal assist — and the removable battery will keep you going for up to 30 miles. Its laidback so-cal lineage can be seen throughout the bike with features that include a cup holder, bottle opener, and USB charging port. Each bike is made in the USA and is available in a variety of standard and custom colors.

Presented by Lithium Cycles.

  • Nexo Ever Tires

    Whether it's for pleasure, exercise, or your daily commute, nothing ruins a ride quite like a flat. Nexo Ever Tires promise to eliminate that possibility entirely. Made from a unique polymer blend and designed with a series of holes on the sides, they offer a mix of cushioning and resilience that closely matches the performance of a traditional air-inflated tire. The holes also produce a reduction in weight, leading to greater speed, and they run for at least 5,000 miles before needing replacement, meaning they might outlast your bike itself.

  • Vespa Elettrica Electric Scooter

    It's becoming obvious that electric vehicles are the future, whether you think that's happening in the next five years or the next thirty. The Vespa Elettrica Electric Scooter promises to bring all-electric mobility to this iconic two-wheeled transport. While details are extremely scant — it's simply promised to use the "very latest" technology while maintaining the style, handling, and ease of use of the original — we do know it will be arriving in the second half of 2017, which means it's time to start saving now.

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