Surf Sauna

Great waves and great weather aren't always mutually inclusive — and sometimes, getting away to catch the surf in nicer locales just isn't an option. So if you often find yourself surfing in less-than-desirable weather, you need the Surf Sauna. Crafted from beautiful western red cedar wood, aluminum, stainless, and galvanized steel, this sauna is made like the finest watercraft, hand-built, and ready to be customized to your every need (whether you want it to accommodate two people, or 18). And with propane power, a built-in trailer, racks for your boards, as well as an included high-lift jack and shovel, there's no beach too remote for the Surf Sauna.

  • CRKT Survival Bracelet Tools

    Keeping a multitool handy when you head into the wilderness is always a good idea. Weighing down your pockets isn't. That's why they make these CRKT Survival Bracelet Tools. Designed to fit over a paracord bracelet, this handy accessory keeps a compass, magnesium firestarter, and an LED light right on your wrist. Unlike most tools, it's lacking a bottle opener, but not to worry — they make one that you can keep on the exact same bracelet.

  • Toro Recycler SmartStow Mower

    For something so comparatively small, it's a wonder how much space a lawnmower actually takes up in your garage or shed — forcing you to squeeze around its handle every time you want to get at something you have stored. But the Toro Recycler SmartStow Mower is collapsible, letting you store it on its end and reducing its footprint dramatically. Improved seals and gaskets throughout the motor stop fuel and oil from leaking when you store it vertically, so you don't have to worry about spills. With front-wheel-drive, variable self-propel-speed, a 22-inch deck, as well as bagging and mulching capability, it also mows as well as it stores.

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