Survival Spark

Whether you're camping or preparing for the worst, the Survival Spark is a great thing to bring along. Its magnesium fire starter stick is good for up to 15,000 strikes and sparks easily with the large scraper. Also built-in are a compass and a whistle, and the whole thing comes on a lanyard for hanging around your neck. Lightweight and only 5.5 inches long, it's affordable enough to keep one anywhere you might need it, including your vehicle and your bag.

  • Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock

    Positioned as an open-air alternative to a roof top camper, the Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock lets you kick back in nature anywhere your vehicle can reach. It attaches easily to any vehicle with roof bars, folds flat while driving, and sets up in seconds. Plus, it works anywhere, freeing you from the need to find a flat spot or a group of trees the right space apart. All you need to worry about is finding the best view.

  • Ryobi Air Conditioner Cooler

    If you're using a cooler, odds are you're outside. And if you're outside, chances are you'd appreciate a way to stay comfortable. The Ryobi Air Conditioner Cooler checks both boxes. Normally, it serves as a 50-quart cooler. But plug in the included 18-Volt One+ battery, and it becomes an air cooler, blasting a cold breeze out the vent in the front. It runs for over four hours on the included battery, has an onboard storage compartment, and has wheels for hauling it around.

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