Saws sure are handy, but they're not the most convenient tools to haul around. Unless you have a Sven-Saw ($30-$32). Available in 15- and 21-inch models, this saw features a US-made frame, a sharp, durable blade made in Denmark from Swedish steel, and a foldable design with built-in sheath that'll keep you from sawing through your pack — or leg — while you're hiking the trails.

  • RoboReels

    If you've ever been whacked by the end of an extension cord or cable that was automatically retracting, you'll appreciate RoboReels. Available in portable and ceiling-mounted versions, these intelligent 360 degree-rotating cord reels use a two-speed motorized retraction system that can be started from the base or the end of the cable, ensuring a smooth, safe return for the receptacle ball, which offers three outlets, a power on/off button, three LED indicator lights, and a retraction switch.

  • Bosch Power Box

    Nothing makes a job more dull than a lack of background music, but unfortunately most job sites aren't really boombox-friendly. Luckily, the Bosch Power Box 360 isn't your average boombox. Inside its rugged aluminum and rubber roll case, the 360 packs full 360-degree speakers for all-around sound, a weather-sealed media bay for your iPod, a powered USB port for charging your cell phone, MP3 and WMA support for the SD card slot, external auxiliary ports, a built-in battery bay for either charging your tool batteries or powering the Power Box itself, an illuminated LCD display, and a remote control for cranking up the music while you crank up the saw.

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