Swany G.Cell Glove

Swany G.Cell Glove

If you spend more time on the slopes than off, maybe you should consider ditching your current cell for the Swany G.Cell Glove ($500). These first-of-their-kind gloves house a Bluetooth-capable cell phone with controls built into the back of the hand, a speaker and microphone built into the palm and thumb, and a vibrating wrist for incoming call notification. Just don't be surprised if you get some odd looks as you talk into your hand. [via]

  • Treadwall

    The Treadwall ($TBA) is exactly what it sounds like — a treadmill for wall climbing. The standalone device offers auto-stop technology for self-paced climbing, adjustable angles and holds to diversify the experience, a Polar heart-rate monitor, and built-in safety — since you're never more than a few feet from the floor, you simply hop off when you're finished. American Gladiators, here we come. [Thanks, Jeff]

  • Waboba Ball

    Enjoy a new seaside activity with the Waboba Ball ($10). Made from a mix of polyurethanes with a Lycra coating, the ball both bounces and floats on water, crucial properties for the ball's game, in which two teams of three attempt to bounce the ball off the water to their teammates without having the pass intercepted. Sure, it's not the most intricate game, but simplicity is nice when you're trying to play a drunken game without getting sucked out to sea by a rip current.

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