Swich Wireless Charger

If you've jumped aboard the wireless charging bandwagon, you probably know that most wireless charging stations are flat, squarish surfaces not conducive to actually using your phone. The Swich Wireless Charger is different. Offering support for the Qi charging standard, it features a microsuction charging platform with a viewer-friendly angle that can rotate from vertical to horizontal, allowing you to switch the orientation on your phone. In addition, it boasts a ceramic base and platform, with a piece of American walnut cut to resemble the shape of a wave in the middle, making it something you'll be proud to have on your desk.

  • Gamevice Controller

    Let's face it — there's nothing natural about playing a console-style game on a touchscreen device — at least not without the Gamevice Controller. This handy controller gives you the joysticks, directional pad, triggers, and buttons you're used to on a console controller, making gaming on your iPad Mini as comfortable as playing in front of your TV. There's no need to pair it with your iPad, just plug it in and play (it works out of the box with thousands of already-available games). And with an ergonomic design meant to comfortably fit both hands, gaming on your iPad has never felt so natural.

  • Razer Junglecat Controller

    Leave it to the people behind the best gaming mice to come up with the best gaming solution for your phone. The Razer Junglecat Controller turns your iPhone 5 or 5S into a full-featured gaming machine, thanks to rugged, slide-out controls including a d-pad, ABXY action buttons, and quick-response L/R bumpers. All of this is built into a case that measures just 20mm thick — keeping your device pocketable — and still allowing for access to all your phone's ports and controls.

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