Start getting real, useful data about your golf swing so you can make serious improvements with Swingbyte ($150). This simple device quickly attaches to any club — driver, putter, whatever — and pairs to your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet over a Bluetooth connection. It then automatically records everything about your swings, giving you a full view , club head speed and acceleration, club face angle, and much more. From there you can analyze your swing history online to chart your improvement, or share it with a pro to get some advice on how to get even better.

  • TaylorMade SLDR Driver

    Add some serious distance to your drive with their longest driver ever, the TaylorMade SLDR Driver ($400). A low, forward center of gravity helps you hit straighter, longer, faster drives, and is fully adjustable thanks to a 20-gram sliding weight on the sole. Simply loosen the screw, slide the weight, and tighten the screw again — shifting the center of gravity horizontally towards your heel helps promote a draw, while shifting it towards your toe promotes a fade. All of this can be done in just seconds, so you can get right back to your game.

  • Reebok Checklight

    Head injuries in sports have been getting a lot of play lately, and for good reason, they're extremely dangerous and hard to diagnose. The Reebok Checklight ($150) helps players monitor the number of, and severity of head impacts throughout the game, so coaches, officials, and medical staff can know just how to react. The sensor fits easily into an included skullcap, making it comfortable to wear with, or without a helmet. A status light gives valuable, realtime feedback, letting you know exactly how bad the hit was, and how many you've taken.

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