Swyp Card

Like a couple other devices before it, Swyp Card is ready to replace all of the cards in your wallet. The metal card can store all your credit, debit, gift, and loyalty cards, is accepted at all the same places as a plastic card, and works with a companion app to track transactions and attach receipts. It also learns your purchasing habits, so it keeps your most used at the top, and thanks to a built-in display and buttons, it works just fine even if your phone's not around.

  • WhatSim

    There are over 600 million people using WhatsApp. Odds are your friends and family use it. So when you're abroad, why not save yourself typical SIM fees and grab a WhatSim instead. This single SIM card works with over 400 operators in roughly 150 countries, letting you chat over WhatsApp free of charge. If you want to send more than just texts, you can buy credit packages to enable sharing of photos, videos, voice messages, your location, and contacts quickly, easily, and affordably. And when WhatsApp adds support for voice calls, it'll support that too, making it a one-stop solution for overseas communication.

  • Nixie Machine

    MB&F is known for its intricate timepieces, so it's no surprise that when it came time to design a standalone clock for its Mechanical Art Device Gallery stores, they didn't hold back. The Nixie Machine is the creation of German artist Frank Buchwald, and uses six original Z568M Nixie tubes made by East German company RFT in the '60s to display the time. Set in three pairs, the tubes represent hours, minutes, and seconds, or day, month, and year, and are housed in a steel and brass structure comprised of roughly 350 components, including GPS and DCF77 receivers that allow it to set the time and date automatically. Limited to just 12 pieces worldwide.

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