SZ Equilibrium Bike

Designed, engineered, and built in Italy, the SZ Equilibrium Bike is a sleek option for riding enthusiasts. Built using aluminum for the frame, handlebar, and seat tube and carbon fiber for the front fork, it provides a lightweight, smooth riding experience as you commute to work or take in the countryside. The Equilibrium features a 2-speed automatic shifting hub for extra convenience and a soft Spyder Saddle that is made using a flexible plastic material that keeps the saddle soft while keeping its form unchanged. Of course, a bike that looks this good can be a target for thieves but comes with a LED taillight with an integrated 120 decibel anti-theft siren for piece of mind.

  • Vintage Electric Emory Outlaw Tracker Bike

    Throwback styling meets high-tech electronics on the Vintage Electric Emory Outlaw Tracker Bike. At its heart is a proprietary aluminum battery box that holds all the critical electric components, including the 702 watt-hour battery, and acts as a heat sink to improve efficiency. Combined with a 3,000-watt hub motor, the bike can hit 20 mph in street mode and 36 in race mode, with a maximum range of 35 miles. It's finished off with a moto-inspired inverted fork, brushed stainless steel handlebars, and Schwalbe Fat Frank tires. Limited to just 50 units, all painted a deep metallic Carrera Silver.

  • Wally 93 Sailing Yacht

    Built for an existing Wally owner who's also an avid sailor, the Wally 93 Sailing Yacht combines the luxurious digs of the company's motorized yachts with the romance of sailing. It shares its sleek hill lines with the Wallycentro superyachts and is built using carbon fiber and composites for a displacement of only 35.5 tons despite a length of over 28 meters. The elegant interior offers maximum privacy and large guest and crew cabins, with room for two crew members and up to six guests. It can start moving in just 16 knots of wind, with 5,400 sq ft of upwind sail area and nearly 11,400 square feet moving downwind, and when there's no wind available, a 255 hp diesel engine provides enough power to cruise.

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