Tactical Fountain Pen

Enjoy a dignified writing tool and the juxtaposing of a rugged body against elegant internals in the Tactical Fountain Pen ($45). This whimsical-yet-functional instrument features a chunky black aircraft-grade aluminum body with ribs for added grip, and a German-made fountain pen with a fine point nib and Iridium point. Not feeling the old-school fountain pen experience? Use the included parts to turn it into a standard rollerball pen.

  • Baux Pen

    Bic pens are pretty much ubiquitous, used for everything from the community pen at your local bank to the giveaways you find in hotels. Unfortunately, that commonality also makes them rather... boring. The Baux Pen ($25/2-pack) aims to fix all that. Named after aluminum ore, this sleek pen is crafted from machined aluminum, available in grooved or smooth versions, and in one of five colors — natural aluminum, or one of four anodized shades. The best part? You can customize it using any color Bic you can find, giving you nearly endless tip/lid combinations to choose from.

  • Strong Like Bull Magnets

    Stop worrying about your papers getting knocked off your fridge, file cabinet, or whiteboard and start hanging them up with Strong Like Bull Magnets ($24/2-pack). As the name suggests, these over-engineered helpers are seriously strong, boasting a Neodimium Iron Boron disc magnet that's set inside a stainless steel cup that directs the magnetic flux and increases pull strength. An anodized aluminum housing and grip ring give the magnet a stylish exterior and make it easier to handle — which is good, since it has a rated direct contact pull strength of over 25 lbs, or more than enough to pull up a 10 lb. weight or hold up a 50 sheet notepad from the outside.

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