Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker Pens

The click pen has been an office staple since its introduction — but it's never looked as good as this. Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker Pens are custom machined from high-quality materials to give you the best, no-fuss pen possible. The body is made from 7075 aluminum, while the clip is made from 301 spring steel, and the clicking mechanism is nearly silent (sorry). The Mover is slightly longer than the Shaker — 5.55" vs. 5.05" — and the former uses Pilot G2 refills while the latter takes Schimdt Easy Flow 9000s, but they're both available in black, dark blue, teal, green, dark red, desert sand, and raw aluminum, and either is sure to be an upgrade over that worn-out Bic you've been chewing on.

  • Field Notes Arts & Sciences Notebooks

    While they're commonly lumped together, Arts and Sciences are two very different disciplines — different enough that they should have their own notebooks. Or at least that's the idea behind Field Notes Arts & Sciences Notebooks. Part of the ongoing Colors series, these limited-edition books are larger than normal — 7.5" x 4.75" — and offer 64 pages each. The Arts book gets a wine-colored cover containing handy information, right-side pages with quarter-inch gray rules for prose and poetry, and blank left-side pages, while the Sciences book sports a slate gray cover filled with formulas and theories, right-side pages with an all-new Engineers Graph, and blank left-side pages for whatever doesn't go on a graph.

  • Monteverde Multi-Tool Stylus Pen

    If you're going to do the paper and pen routine in this modern day of tablets and smartphones, you might as well make your pen worth carrying around. The Monteverde Multi-Tool Stylus Pen is a perfect example. While it works great as a ballpoint, this multi-talented instrument also features a stylus cap, both a philips and flathead screwdriver, a level, and a ruler built right into the side. It's like a multi-tool for geeks.

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