Tall Chess

Like to play chess? Like to play chess on your iPhone? Then you'll love Tall Chess (Free). Crafted specifically for the iPhone and iPod touch, Tall Chess — as the name suggests — takes advantage of the entire screen to give you a bird's-eye view of the game board at all times. Despite the uncluttered interface, all the features you'd expect — captured pieces, move history, exporting, and more — are just a swipe away. Thanks to Game Center integration, it's easy to start up a match with both friends and total strangers, and should you want to keep more than one game going at a time, the functionality is just a quick, easy, and affordable upgrade away.

  • Currency

    Frequent travelers know that having access to up-to-date exchange rates can mean the difference between getting a fair deal and getting hosed out of some cash. Currency ($1) promises to give you accurate conversions for over 160 countries, each with its own custom-designed flag. A clean, gesture-based interface makes entering new amounts a snap, while a handy favorites feature means conversions for the currencies you use most often are never more than a swipe away.

  • Twitter Music

    Up 'til now, Twitter has been a great place to discover what's happening, what your friends are doing, and what everyone's talking about. But finding new music? Not so hot. Until today, that is. Twitter #Music ($Free) is a new official app that makes it easy to find what songs are trending, what artists are emerging, what the artists you follow are listening to, and what tracks your friends are digging. Just sign in with your Twitter account, link the app with Spotify or Rdio, and enjoy. Also, please note that denoting a song as "such a great track" is a pretty sure-fire way to ensure no one ever listens to it.

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