Tank Quadcopter Drone

It can handle nearly any terrain. And when you find some it can't, that's perfectly okay, since it can also fly. The Tank Quadcopter Drone combines a patented tank-like tread system with a stable propeller platform to give you the best of both worlds, yet weighs only 84g. It can fly for up to 9 minutes or crawl for 18, has lights in the front and rear for nighttime flying, can hold optional 720p camera modules that either record to microSD or broadcast live footage, and comes with simple to use controls.

  • Everblock

    Lego blocks are great for building almost anything you can imagine. Unfortunately, if you want those creations to be adult-sized, you're going to need a ton of Legos. Or just some Everblock modular building blocks. With a design reminiscent of the Danish toys, they can be assembled into chairs, shelves, tables, beds, room dividers, or even complete temporary structures. Just like their smaller counterparts, they can be reused simply by disassembling whatever you've created, and come in 12", 6", and 3" sizes, with finishing caps available to give them a smooth appearance.

  • Touchjet Touch Screen Projector

    It fits in the palm of your hand. Yet its screen is larger than anything you can fit in your backpack. The Touchjet Touch Screen Projector combines the innards of a tablet with a projector and an optical sensor, allowing the projected image to work as a giant 80" touch screen. It has 4GB of flash storage and another 16GB on an internal SD card, a 1.6Ghz dual-core processor, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and offers compatibility with apps from the Google Play store. Arrives with a remote, as well as two styluses for interacting directly with the screen.

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