Tanner Driver Glove

Driving is fun. Driving in the snow and cold can be fun. But driving with cold hands? Never fun. This Tanner Driver Glove ($75) keeps the fun factor high and your digits warm with authentic deerskin that starts out supple — to give you better feel behind the wheel — and further and softens and conforms to your hands over time, until it's almost a part of you. A part that you can take off when the weather gets warm. Which is good, because you'd look rather suspicious rolling around with gloves on during the summer.

  • Keyper

    Make scratched phone screens and unsightly key bulges a thing of the past with the Keyper ($30). This clever accessory keeps up to four keys perfectly organized in a stylish leather pouch. In addition to the four individually stitched key slots, the Keyper also includes four color-coded tabs that make it easy to slide the keys in and out of their slots while also allowing for quick, easy identification. Shipping in July.

  • The Man Hanger

    Many times you may find your manly attire too much for wimpy regular hangers to handle. For times like those, you need The Man Hanger ($25). Bent by hand from industrial-grade rebar, then sealed and coated to prevent rust and corrosion, it's rugged enough to handle even the heaviest of garments yet elegant enough to hang in even the most luxurious of closets. [Scouted by Carl]

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