Tanqueray Old Tom Gin

During the 1800's, when classic cocktails were at the peak of their powers, Old Tom Gin was an integral part of loads of classic recipes like the Tom Collins. But Prohibition brought it and many others to the brink of extinction and Old Tom Gin wasn't revived until a few years ago. Tanqueray's take on the classic spirit comes from the recipe book of Charles Tanqueray himself with notes dating back to 1835. It's a gin that is light and a bit sweet while remaining incredibly smooth and easy to sip. It's also limited to 100,000 bottles worldwide, so seek out a bottle for your next classic cocktail recipe.

  • CapRock Gin

    How important is the water that is used to craft gin? Downright essential, if you ask the folks at Jack Rabbit Hill Farm in Colorado. Their CapRock Organic Gin ($30) sources pure spring water from an actual Caprock for this inebriant. In fact, it's one of the only purely organic gins made in the USA. It springs forward with a complex blend of apples, juniper, and an intriguing floral bouquet. Sip on it straight, and then mix up a batch of Tom Collins or Gin & Tonics for a crisp, clean cocktail at your next summer get together.

  • Homemade Gin Kit

    We've heard of bathtub gin before, but luckily this Homemade Gin Kit ($40) doesn't require you to set up a distillery in your bathroom. Instead, it has you grab a bottle of vodka and let it steep with the included juniper berries and carefully selected, hand weighed spices, botanicals, flowers, and aromatics. Roughly 36 hours later you'll have your very own small batch gin, which you can keep in the included 500ml bottle for your own purposes while gifting away the other 250ml in the other included flask.

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