Tape Dispenser by Folmer Christensen

Tape Dispenser by Folmer Christensen

If you've ever used a "handy" dipsenser roll of scotch tape, you know that "handy" isn't the best word to descibe it. Frustrating and inefficient perhaps, but definitely not "handy." The Tape Dispenser by Folmer Christensen ($115) features an elegant, functional design that you won't mind having displayed on your desk.

  • Nethrone

    When you're online and writing as much as we are, those lame ergonomic keyboards and wrist pads just don't cut it. And while we haven't decided if this futuristic workstation is the solution for us, there's no doubt that it's an awesome cure for all those aches that come from being a computer geek. Created by renowned designer Eran Baruhe, the Nethrone ($2500; available Jan. 30, 2006) is an oval-shaped structure that offers unrivaled electronic adjustment of nearly every part, including the height, angle and position of the keyboard, display, (massage) seat, headrest, and more. We're looking forward to checking it out at CES in Las Vegas next month.

  • Kung Fu Kids Clock & Card Holder

    Despite the somewhat confusing name, the Kung Fu Kids Clock & Card Holder ($40) is quite a cool little gadget, and makes a perfect gift for the office of a loved one. It features a small figurine that holds up the clock and card holder, symbolizing positive “chi” and “control of time as well as power and strength.” We don’t know about all of that, but it does look cool — and makes us want to bust out some old Bruce Lee flicks.

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