Tascam iM2 Stereo Microphone

Looking to do some recording with your iOS device? Unless you want sub-par sound, you're going to need a beefier mic — one like the Tascam iM2 Stereo Microphone ($80). Made specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, this pocket-sized powerhouse features two high-quality, adjustable condenser microphones, an internal microphone pre-amp and analog-to-digital converter for pristine sound, a stereo limiter to quiet sudden loud sounds — like gunshots — and a USB port for keeping things charged up while you're recording. Great for interviews, concerts, and attracting inquisitive "What the hell is sticking out of his iPhone?" stares.

  • Swivl

    Remember that crazy Sony dock that swiveled around, tracking faces and taking pictures while you chilled? Well, the Swivl ($160) is kinda like that, only it works with iOS devices, so it's useful to a helluva lot more people. Instead of tracking faces, the Swivl follows a paired marker, twisting side-to-side and tilting forwards and backwards to make sure you're in frame. It connects via Dock Connector to allow for remote control of the action, and also includes a tripod adapter, so you can use it with your existing pocket cam. Now if the photo's off, you've got someone else to blame.

  • Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker System

    Worry not about the ruggedness of your on-the-go audio solution by picking up the Yamaha PDX-11 Portable Speaker System ($100). It packs a four-inch woofer and dedicated tweeter into a small, octogonal enclosure that sports a 3.5mm input, top-mounted iPhone/iPod dock, and an integrated metal handle that makes it perfect for grab-and-go use.

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