Aristarkh Chernyshev must have been having quite a good time when he developed the idea for the TeleBlaster, but we’re glad he did. The TeleBlaster ($2000) is kind of tiny for a real TV — the screen is only seven inches — but the set can distort the picture both by changing colors and by stretching the image. Of course, if you want to put yourself through the same torture, there is a camera built-in — so you can watch your house-guests get stretched and squeezed like they were at a taffy factory.

  • Sony 42-inch XBR Plasma HDTV

    We love playing our video games on an DLP projection set, but if you want to look fly in the bedroom, you keep your Mario stash elsewhere. For places where movies and TV rule, look into the 42" XBR Plasma WEGA HDTV (Model No. KDE-42XBR950) from Sony ($8000). Yes, it’s expensive — but it’s also one of the sexiest plasma sets we’ve ever seen, and sports multiple built-in HDTV tuners — something we can’t say (unfortunately) for our 50” DLP Panasonic.

  • Séura LCD TV Mirror

    Most of the time spent in the bathroom getting ready is lost to all outside endeavors, apart from perhaps listening to music — but no more. With the Séura TV Mirror (starting at $2800) you can still catch all of the game while you shave. The Séura uses a specially formulated mirror that allows the picture of the LCD behind the mirror to be viewed when it’s on, and completely conceal the LCD when it’s off. It’s like, magic or something.

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