Tenkara Fishing Rods

Lots of guys out there want to try fly fishing, but are often discouraged from giving it a shot by the difficult-to-learn technique and expensive gear. Tenkara Fishing Rods ($100) and the Japanese Tenkara style of fly fishing offer a minimalist, more-approachable way to fly fish, all with very little cost to get started. Choose from two rods: the Teton with a 6:4 action index, or the Sawtooth, with a 5:5 action index. Both are 12 feet long, come with a line and fly, and weigh just 3.4 ounces.

  • Shark Deterrent Wetsuits

    Avoid becoming another cautionary tale on the next Shark Week with Shark Deterrent Wetsuits ($450). While sharks have pretty sophisticated senses for hunting down prey, they depend a lot on their sight to actually locate and target their next meal. These wet suits use specialized patterns to break up and diffuse light, making your shape harder to discern, and ultimately making it harder for a shark to see you. The Diverter has a striped pattern that is best suited for diving and snorkeling in murky waters, while the Elude Mid is made for diving in the shallows, and the Elude Dark works well in the deep.

  • Baggu Wetsuit Bag

    There's nothing worse after a day of hitting the waves than throwing your soaking wetsuit into a bag with the rest of your gear — it's a recipe for soggy stuff and a stinky trunk. Made in the USA from water resistant 18 ounce vinyl, the Baggu Wetsuit Bag ($120) is perfect for separating your wet gear from the rest of your dry things. It's just the right size to stand inside, pull off your wetsuit, step out, and zip it up to head home. An exterior pocket gives you some extra storage, while the shoulder strap and hand strap make it easy to carry anywhere.

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