Terra Wind Amphibious RV

Terra Wind Amphibious RV

If you happen to find yourself in the predicament where you have a wad of cash and faced with the decision of purchasing an RV or a Yacht, Terra Wind is about to make your life just a little bit easier. The Terra Wind Amphibious RV (starting at $850,000) is every bit as amazing as it sounds. One part decked-out motor home, one part crazy-looking-lake-going-vessel, the RV is the sort of excessive splurge that only an Uncrate reader could get behind. A few of the features include GPS, tons of leather, DVD/VHS/CD players, all major appliances (fridge, washer/dryer, etc.), an 8-jet whirlpool tub, marble floors and shower, a 42-inch Plasma TV, and a 6-foot swim deck that's perfect for fishing.

  • Solar Powered Golf Cart

    Go green on the green. This Solar Powered Golf Cart ($9,000) has an array of 72 photovoltaic cells that let you go 33% further between charges than standard electric golf carts. Producing up to 3 amps per hour for its 48-volt rechargeable battery system, the cart can go nearly 50 miles without a charge, good enough for about 10 rounds of golf, before needing an overnight recharge. A 5.5-hp electric motor provides a maximum speed of 24 mph and is powerful enough to climb a 28° incline with you and a tubby friend, a case of beer, and both your golf bags.

  • XSMG XSR48 Speedboat

    As beautiful as it is powerful, the XSR48 Speedboat from XSMG ($TBA) is hailed as the "world's fastest superboat," and we're inclined to agree. The 48-foot vessel boasts up to 2000hp from two bi-turbo diesel engines, linked to a ZF two-speed gearbox and ZF Trimax surface-drive propulsion system with STAB stabilization for the best in ride, handling, and performance. The interior is filled with smooth, modern lines, high-grade materials, and niceties like flat-panel TVs.

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