Tesla Model S 100D

Most headlines focus on Tesla's 0-60 times. Yet range is far more important on a daily basis — which is why the new Tesla Model S 100D is so remarkable. It uses the same 100kWh battery as the flagship P100D, but instead of ludicrous performance, it's built for long-range driving, traveling up to 335 miles per charge. That's the longest range of any EV currently on the market. Don't worry that it's become slow in the process, either: while the 4.2 second 0-60 time can't touch the P100D's 2.4 sprint, it's still faster than a base model 911.

  • Bentley x Bamford Mulsanne Speed

    George Bamford, the man behind the Bamford Watch Department, knows a thing or many about customization. In taking a break from his normal Rolex duties, he set his sights on a car — the Bentley x Bamford Mulsanne Speed, to be exact. Created in collaboration with Bentley's Mulliner design department, the car features accents in BWD's signature blue, as well as PVD-treated, blacked-out wing vents, badges, and grille, a customized analog clock, seats covered in a mix of leather and Anthracite cloth, and a special carbon fiber watch case that sits in the space normally reserved for a cocktail kit. As you might expect, it's Bamford's personal car, and one-of-a-kind.

  • Fisker EMotion Sedan

    Given the company's past track record, you'd do well not to get your hopes up for the Fisker EMotion Sedan — although that won't be easy. Using graphene-infused battery technology, it gets a claimed driving range of 400 miles, in addition to a top speed of 161 mph. Hardware for fully autonomous operation is also on the docket, as well as more interior space than its competitors, infotainment systems for both front and rear passengers, and a sporty body that's both aerodynamic and aggressive. Expect to see a fully-working prototype sometime next year, with further details arriving after that.

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