Tesla Solar Roof

One of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption of solar panels — aside from the initial cost — is the way they look. The Tesla Solar Roof lets you enjoy the renewable benefits of solar without strapping industrial-looking boxes to the top of your home. They hide an efficient solar cell beneath a colored film and a sheet of tempered glass, letting your house look like a normal house while generating electricity from the sun, storing it in an optional Powerwall 2 battery and drastically reducing — if not eliminating — your utility bill. Available in four styles to complement a variety of homes: tuscan, slate, textured, or smooth.

  • Airlok Bicycle Rack

    Made not only to store your bike but also protect it from thieves, the Airlok Bicycle Rack is an indoor/outdoor storage solution. Developed by the Hiplok team, it has a triangular shape that hides its secure connection to your wall and can hold even the heaviest of rides. The hardened steel locking pin, frame, and closed loop design virtually guarantee your bike will be right where you left it, even if it's near the street, and the horizontal design means you don't have to lift your bike any higher than the level at which it's stored.

  • MDK9 Dog House

    If you love your pet, you make sure he has a place of his own to relax. But most doghouses are ugly and standout whether you store them inside or in the yard. The MDK9 Dog House finally provides an option for man's best friend that should measure up to your own minimalist, modern tastes. Made using Brazilian teak, concrete, and powder-coated steel — it also arrives with a comfy memory foam pillow and a nameplate.

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