Modern virtual reality systems envelop your senses of sight and sounds with ever more realistic environments. The Teslasuit promises to do the same for your sense of touch. Using an electro-tactile haptic feedback system embedded inside clothing, it can let you touch and feel objects inside virtual worlds. It connects to your rig via Bluetooth 4.0 LE, and depending on which model you choose — Pioneer or Prodigy — you'll get either 16 or 52 feedback channels that can draw you into the experience like never before. It's upgradable, thanks to a modular design, and even includes climate control, so you can feel the heat or chill of the world you're exploring.

  • Canary Home Security Device

    With a bevy of intelligent sensors, a high-res camera, and an ear-piercing siren, the Canary can keep your home safe using nothing more than an Internet connection. Its wide-angle 1080p camera keeps an eye on your space day and night, automatically activating when you leave and shutting off when you get home, and using smart algorithms to notify you if it senses something wrong. You can even adjust it's Sensitivity Slider to control the number of notifications sent. If something is amiss, you can set off the 90 decibel siren and contact local authorities/emergency services right from the app, and with the ability to link up to four units together, you can protect even larger abodes. And should you want to ensure it doesn't turn on by accident, a Privacy mode disables both the camera and mic so you can do what you want discreetly.

    Presented by Canary.

  • Vinyl Me, Please

    Depending on your age, you might not remember the days of record clubs, where you'd get a different album every month in the mail. Vinyl Me, Please is like that, only immeasurably better. Dedicated to the album as an art form, they hand-select each month's release, working with the artists and labels to get special-edition pressings made exclusively for their members. Their selections span multiple genres and eras, and arrive with an original 12 x 12 art print and custom cocktail recipe. Vinyl Me, Please also has a gift program allowing you to get that music lover in your life music monthly and 1-3 free bonus records to deliver with the subscription.

    Presented by Vinyl Me, Please.

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