Keep track of all your battery-powered toys and devices with the Tethercell. This brilliant, app-connected add-on works with any device that takes AA batteries. You simply replace one of the AAs with the Tethercell, which has a AAA cell loaded inside. Once connected to the app, you'll be able to remotely turn your battery-powered stuff on and off, set device schedules and timers, get alerts when the batteries are running low, and, soon, even find Tethercell'd devices via a proximity function — so you'll never have to dig for the TV remote again.

  • Dubs Acoustic Filters

    Finding the balance between blocking out harmful sounds while not making things so muffled that they are difficult to recognize can present quite the dilemma. That's where Dubs Acoustic Filters comes in, developed by acoustic engineers and designers, they are pre-tuned to target specific frequencies, reducing the volume without sacrificing that essential clarity. Featuring a 12 decibel Noise Reduction Rating, Dubs provides the opportunity to fully experience your surroundings without the threat of hearing loss.

  • Wink Relay

    We've already told you how Wink can be used to combine the controls for the myriad of smart devices around your home into a single, streamlined app. Now you can get all that control right on your wall with the Wink Relay. Designed to replace most single or double light switches, this wall-mounted smart home controller features a 4.3-inch multi-touch screen running the Wink app, giving you control over all the devices in your home. Other features include temperature, humidity, and proximity sensors, a built-in microphone and speaker for intercom action, and two physical smart switches that can be programmed to handle multiple tasks — such as changing the lighting and closing the blinds — with a single touch.

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