Take a look around nearly any populated area, and it becomes clear that getting people to dispose of trash properly is harder than it sounds. The TetraBin aims to make throwing away your rubbish fun by turning it into a game. A series of sensors inside the bin measure the size and shape of your litter, then trigger the release of a block inside the Tetris-like game shown on the outside of the can via a LED screen. As a result, people are encouraged to throw their trash away, the streets stay cleaner, and the trash bin becomes a meeting place instead of a foul-smelling obstacle.

  • Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept

    Inspired to make a fire extinguisher that would work better for low-income settlements in India, designer Sailee Adhao created the Senik Fire Extinguisher Concept. It improves on traditional safety equipment in several important ways. For one, it's less expensive, using a combination of water and non-toxic gas to propel a fine mist into the heart of the fire. It can also be refilled and reused. Finally, it's far more intuitive than traditional options — simply break it free from its yellow support and it assumes its angled form and begins to spray. Adhao has built and tested a functional prototype, providing help that it might be available to those who need it sooner rather than later.

  • Uber Elevate

    We've been promised flying cars for decades. Turns out they might be coming, just not with you behind the wheel. Uber Elevate is the rideshare company's initiative to move beyond the road and into the sky. Headed by new hire and longtime NASA engineer Mark Moore, the system will use vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft to carry passengers from place to place. Not meant to replace traditional airlines, the system is instead being designed for distances of 50-100 miles — just long enough to make a car ride unsavory, without necessitating a trip to the airport. While autonomous flight is the obvious goal, Moore says that human pilots will be relied upon when the service first comes online, hopefully within the next three years.

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