The Beast Hoverbike

With a Tron-like form and flying capabilities, The Beast Hoverbike is a concept we'd like to see become a reality. The single-person vehicle is powered by a radial fan, rather than a motor, drawing inspiration from vintage hair dryers and graphic cards. A set of wings on the bottom aid in steering, while two large thrust reverse brakes slow the bike down. Although things are merely in the conception stage, the design did earn second prize in the "A Roadtrip in 2116" contest, giving us hope for possible production within the next 100 years.

  • Blond Segment Camera

    It's a damn shame that the Blond Segment Camera is just a concept, because we'd be proud to carry such a sleek gadget around. Using mirrorless technology, its compact rectangular form is given soft curves on the sides and around the top, save for the namesake segment that's been removed in order to both protect and give access to the controls. Around back is a touchscreen with intuitive, pro-level controls, and the design is finished off with real leather wrapping that provides extra grip and serves to connect the organic design to the boxy shooters of the past.

  • Hub Kitchen Appliance

    A good set of kitchen appliances can make cooking a lot more convenient. But it'll also take up a ton of room. The Hub Kitchen Appliance concept solves this problem — and more — with a clean, modern design. Using a shared base with motor and heating element attachments, it can serve as a food processor, blender, kettle, or mixer, all controlled by the recessed control dial. In addition, the Hub is designed to let you diagnose and service it, with standard connector screws, an LED diagnostics window, and separate components that can be swapped out with ease, thus ending the issue of unserviceable products ending up in landfills.

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