The Bruery Black Tuesday Beer

Almost every industry has their version of a Holy Grail, that sought after item that has loads of fanfare surrounding it, and it lives up to the hype. Black Tuesday from The Bruery might be the Holy Grail of the craft beer world, released only once a year, and barely attainable even then. It's an incredibly complex imperial stout, aged in bourbon barrels for over a year and tipping the scales at anywhere between 18-20% ABV every vintage. Even if you can't find any now, put it on top of your beer bucket list until you are able to acquire a taste.

  • Guinness Foreign Extra Stout

    Now that St. Patrick's Day is in our rearview mirror, you might not have Guinness on your mind. But if you're limiting yourself to Guinness Draught then you're doing yourself a disservice. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout was the last recipe dreamt up by Arthur Guinness himself back in 1801, two years before he died. Designed for export, this beer is turned up to 7.5% ABV, but still carries many of the same qualities that you've come to love from the other beers in the Guinness line. Despite being their top seller internationally, FES is criminally underrated in the United States, and is more than worthy of a spot in your fridge.

  • Stone Brewing Go To IPA

    With the weather threatening to break soon and the cold temperatures waving goodbye, it's time to continue drinking great beer, but with more choices for your surroundings. To put it simply, it's time to drink outside. Stone Brewing, already known for fresh, fantastic IPAs, has a new offering this spring, Go To IPA. It's not only perfect for an outdoor drinking session, but is also ideal when you want to drink more than one. It packs all of the dry, bitter, hop flavors and aromas into a very manageable 4.5% ABV package — ensuring you won't have any trouble making it back to the fridge for another round.

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