The Club Seat

The Club Seat

Never worry about placing your precious backside on a cold seat in a sports stadium again with The Club Seat ($100). This tush warmer has a rechargeable battery system to power heat elements to keep you toasty for up to five hours. An aluminum frame back offers up support as you lean back to drink another cold, frosty one. It's also water resistant and folds up when you're ready to leave.

  • Clean Gutter Tongs

    If you are a homeowner, we're sure you've realized how irritating — and dangerous — a task it can be to clean your gutters. The Clean Gutter Tongs ($30) are designed to make that chore safer and easier. They feature a twelve-foot reach, along with angled tongs to help give you leverage without standing on a ladder or stool. Plus, the tongs can also securely hold a garden hose, letting you add water to your arsenal in the battle against clogged gutters. [via]

  • Sigg Bottles

    Reusable water bottles are certainly popular, but aren't always stylish — or taste-friendly. Sigg Bottles ($15-$30) are not only stylish and taste-neutral, they're also available in a variety of sizes and different interchangeable caps to make sure you get the one that's right for you. There's the kid's bottles, with available grips and kid-friendly caps, lifestyle bottles with unique graphics and sizes up to one liter, and the traveler and sport bottles, which come in a wide variety of colors, finishes and shapes. Our favorite? The Traveler Oval Black Flask with Cup ($30), which has retro looks and includes a detachable cup.

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