The Daily

The Daily

It's not every day a new national newspaper launches, but it's even more rare — as in, never happened before — for that paper to never touch actual, you know, paper. The Daily ($1/Week, $40/Year) is a new tablet-based daily newspaper that merges traditional reporting with interactive elements, video, photos, and the Internet to create a new vision for what a newspaper can be. Unfortunately, buying a subscription means giving more money to the evil conglomerate that is News Corp., but then again, so does watching Family Guy, and you're not about to stop doing that anytime soon, either.

  • Djay

    Ever wanted to dabble in the dark arts of DJing, but lack the funds to buy a room full of specialized equipment? Now all you need is an iPad. Djay ($20) is a full-on virtual DJ system for the iPad, offering two virtual turntables (unfortunately sans microphone), mixer, tempo, and EQ controls, direct access to your iPad's music library, AirPlay integration, BPM analysis with automatic beat and tempo matching, the ability to record your sets, an Automix mode, and support for 4.2 multitasking, so it can keep playing the background while you sneak in a couple stages of Angry Birds.

  • Path

    Does the world really need another social network? Well, the guys behind Path (Free) would probably answer "yes, and no." Touted as "The Personal Network," Path is a new photo sharing service tailored to posting real-time images from your phone's camera — currently limited to iPhone — and sharing them with up to 50 of your closest, most trusted confidants. It lets you see who's looked at your photo, and uses tags for people, places and things to help you organize memories from your life. So it really is another social network — except when it isn't.

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