The Whip Snowboard

The Whip Snowboard

The result of four years of research and development, The Whip Snowboard ($1,900) is the snowboard, reinvented. Constructed with only three main parts — this unique board is engineered to fit better, feel lighter, go faster, and handle better, with a bike rack-friendly lockable design that can be carried with just one hand. Pick one up, and start your own run at Winter X-Games Fourteen. [Thanks, Joshua]

  • Farkas Original Eye Black

    Reduce glare and psych-out your opponents in vintage style with Farkas Original Eye Black ($7). This high-quality eye black is named for Andy Farkas, believed to be the first player to sport eye black in the NFL when he led the Redskins to the World Championship in 1942. Packaged in a vintage tin and formulated to stay put even through heat and sweat, it's a perfect stocking stuffer. [Thanks, Brad & Michael]

  • Gyro Swing

    Get your golf swing in check with the Gyro Swing ($200). This revolutionary training device uses an internal 20,000 RPM gyroscope to help you "feel" the correct plane and release, and features other helpful tools like a see-through grip guide and a dual-color shaft to visually reinforce the correct swing line. It'll have your duck hooks and slices squared away in no time. [via]

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