Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller

Lotions. Sprays. Wristbands. There's all kinds of individual mosquito repellants out there, but the Thermacell Backpacker Mosquito Repeller shields the whole campsite. Fueled by a standard camping gas canister, the repelling agent is activated by a gentle heat, creating a 15 x 15 foot mosquito-free dome that lasts 90 hours on just 4 ounces of gas. The lightweight design makes it just as east to pack as a bottle of spray, while its refillable mats keep the mess off of you and your gear.

  • Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler

    Quit spending money on ice or taking up room in your fridge by keeping your brews cold in the Biersafe Underground Beer Cooler. Using your dirt as insulation, it keeps up to 16 beers cool and content inside a plastic tube that measures just over three and a half feet deep. It's easy to conceal with some carefully-placed landscaping, and also has a built-in bottle opener at the top of the rack.

  • Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock

    Positioned as an open-air alternative to a roof top camper, the Trail Nest Roof Top Hammock lets you kick back in nature anywhere your vehicle can reach. It attaches easily to any vehicle with roof bars, folds flat while driving, and sets up in seconds. Plus, it works anywhere, freeing you from the need to find a flat spot or a group of trees the right space apart. All you need to worry about is finding the best view.

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