ThinkGeek USB Snowbot

ThinkGeek USB Snowbot

What do you get when you cross a Cylon with a snowman? The ThinkGeek USB Snowbot ($15)! The desktop accessory is powered by a USB port, looks like Frosty, and has an evil-looking scanning LED robotic eye which can be changed from blue to red at the flick of a button. To make this sinister snowman even more diabolical, it can emit a Cylon-like sound and has rotating metal arms. [via]

  • Dyson Root 6

    The Dyson Root 6 really sucks. But that's a good thing. Thanks to Dyson's patented Root Cyclone technology, the Dyson Root 6 ($150; Oct. 23) will probably be the only handheld that will never clog or lose suction. The Dyson Root 6 has twice the suction of other handhelds, and uses a rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with a specially designed combination brush/stair tool for cleaning. Plus, it just looks like it can shoot powerful laser beams with the push of a button.

  • Product RED

    While most of the world seems focused on the iPod nano Product RED ($200), there are several other cool products that you can buy to help support this worthwhile cause. The Product RED Chuck Taylor Low ($60) has a design your own feature at their website, but we're actually digging the plain white with red accents that's pre-selected. The Gap Product RED Indigo Hoodie ($75) is one of many good-looking Product RED offerings from the Gap, and the Product RED motoRAZR V3m ($TBA) may be the best-looking RAZR yet. Of course, you could always get a jump-start on everybody and pay for all of the above with your new American Express RED card (Free, 12.9 APR, No annual fee). No matter what you buy, you can know that a portion of the proceeds are going towards the fight to eliminate AIDS in Africa. This fall, RED is in.

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