Third Thumb Prosthesis

When most people think of prosthetics, they think of replacements for lost body parts. But the origin of the word meant "to add, put onto," and it's in this spirit designer Dani Clode created the Third Thumb. It attaches to your hand opposite your real thumb and uses two motors pulling against a flexible 3D-printed material to mimic the movements of your most prominent digit. The motors are controlled via pressure sensors hidden in your shoes, which communicate via Bluetooth with the wrist-bound controller.

  • Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept

    For all their grand height, the roots of the giant sequoia don't go down very far — and thus they fall quickly when the trunk starts to rot. The Giant Sequoia Skyscraper Concept aims to merge architecture with nature, filling in the empty trunks with spaces for education, observation decks, labs, and exhibitions. In addition to providing usable human space inside, the design's central core and the lattice-like exterior attached to the bark would help keep the tree upright long after its roots would have failed.

    Photos: Ko Jinhyeuk, Cheong Changwon, Cho Kyuhyung, Choi Sunwoong

  • Conductive Wallpaper Concept

    Nearly every house is built using the same concept: electric runs through wires in the walls, to lights, outlets, and switches. The Conductive Wallpaper Concept does away with this, instead embedding circuitry into wall coverings. Lines of conductive ink run across each panel and are linked together with short strips of metal, terminating in either novel controls or the lights, fans, and other electronics they operate. While it's very much a concept for now, it's not hard to look and see how it could easily be adapted to carry power to your wall-mounted TV or sound system in a far more subtle fashion.

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