Three Man Chess

Three Man Chess

And you thought regular chess was hard. Three Man Chess ($TBA) switches the ancient game from a square board to a round one, making room for a third set of pieces — gray, in this case — and opening up a whole new world of possible moves, strategies, and ways to get beaten when you least expect it. [Scouted by Roger]

  • Bronze Bones

    We're still not completely sold on the idea of dominos in a classy setting, but if you are, you've come to the right place page. Bronze Bones ($1,500) are a limited edition, high-end 28-piece domino set, hand-machined from blackened bronze, and featuring an original, geometric design. They arrive in a leather bound hollowed-out book, along with a score pad, pencil, and sharpener.
    [Scouted by Kelly]

  • SupaBoy

    Remember when the Super Nintendo was released, and you quickly realized how awesome it would be if the GameBoy could display graphics that shiny — or even display color period? Fast forward twenty years, and your childhood dream has become a reality with the SupaBoy ($80). Powered by a 2.5-hour rechargeable battery, the SupaBoy lets you plug in your old SNES cartridges and play on the go using the built-in controls and 3.5-inch LCD, or connect it to your TV via the AV out and plug in two controllers for a retro gaming experience.

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